What's a wine club all about? 

We are not your typical wine club. Our events are targeted at newbies and people who don’t know much about wine except that they know they love it! We try to avoid the formality and pomp of many ‘traditional’ wine clubs.


Led by the club’s resident Certified Sommelier and a team of wine lovers, with occasional guest appearances from industry insiders, our events seek to teach some basics of understanding wine: how it’s made, why wines taste differently, and how to evaluate the characteristics of wine while tasting – and do it in a fun, relaxed, casual and friendly atmosphere.


Bring a friend, bring a date, or come by yourself and make new friends!


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We meet at various locations around Downtown Toronto. There is no obligation to attend all the events, but we do ask for a commitment by purchasing a ticket so that we can confirm details with the venue.


Each event may vary in price, but we try to keep it between $30-$60.

While each event is different, the goal is to provide wine education and tastings, with different themes each event.

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